Participating Breweries


At Anderby Brewing, they brew what they love and want to share that love with fans. Whether it’s through fun flavorings like fruit and spice pale ales or through the use of regional grains for the majority of their malt bills, they want to bring an element of fun to all of their beers. At Anderby, they don’t take themselves too seriously and want everyone to enjoy a laid back atmosphere.

Beacon Brewing:

Beacon was inspired by a love for creative innovation in both food and drink, while giving the community an opportunity to taste, toast, and share in it. Beacon is brewing unique and contemporary beers in traditional and technical fashion. It also spices up Asian cuisine with Southern flair. At Beacon, you will be surprised by the fusion of local flavors accompanied by local lore.

Jekyll Brewing:

Now with 2 locations! Jekyll Brewing Marconi Drive opened its doors back in 2013 as the first brewery in Alpharetta. Over the years, it has grown in size to include 26 taps and a 100- barrel brew system. Award-winning Brew Master and Co-owner, Josh Rachel, provides creative direction for a lineup of craft beers that cover the global spectrum of brew styles. They are intensely focused on hand-crafting sophisticated beers from the finest ingredients. The team at Jekyll is passionate about the art of creating a great beer, the camaraderie of the craft brewing industry, and the joy of sharing it with all of you.

Macon Beer Co:

Macon’s first brewery since Prohibition is committed to excellence, elevating beer culture in Middle Georgia, and cultivating good times through exceptional service. Owned and operated by lifelong Macon residents, Macon Beer Company has developed into a fixture of downtown Macon as well as a player in the beer industry across the entire state. An unstoppable dedication to equality and customer service has pushed Macon Beer Co. from its humble beginnings to a true powerhouse, with multiple locations in Georgia and an international presence.

Monkey Wrench:

Monkey Wrench has established a brand that is set to compete with the best of ’em! Their homegrown business combines a passion for performance, innovative brewing techniques, and age-old traditions. They pride themselves on pushing the limits of each and every batch of original craft brews. From classics to off-the-wall styles, they continue to express themselves through these liquid experiments! The team at MWB is continually working hard and motivated to create a quality product that your friends and family can enjoy and share over and over again. Discover their vision and why Monkey Wrench Brewing should be on your radar! Cheers to wrenching it up a notch together.

NoFo Brew Co.:

NoFo Brew Co. was founded by Bryan Miles, Shannon Miles and Joe Garcia. They are long-time Forsyth County residents with a passion for craft beer, craft spirits and a perpetual craving for adventure. Their love of adventure has led them to summit peaks in the western U.S., ski the breathtaking backcountry of the U.S. and Canada, watch the great migration on safari in Africa, drink wine in South America, backpack trails all over the U.S., and explore all that Europe has to offer. They’ve traveled the world and wanted to bring the adventure right here to their hometown. NoFo Brew Co. is a unique environment centered around great craft beer and hand-crafted spirits where new ideas and friendships are brewed.


Pontoon Brewing was founded by longtime pals who are passionate about developing radically awesome brews for the Pontoon Lifestyle. What’s the Pontoon Lifestyle?! It’s a way to embrace Southern leisure with a fresh, modern exuberance. It’s that sweet lookin’ party platform on the horizon, rocking out to your favorite tunes and waving the ol’ Red White and Blue as high as she blows. Pontoon Brewing is inspired by the South’s beautiful lakes and waterways, cocktail coves, and awesomely scrumptious beer. Their carefully crafted brews are unique, flavorful, and best enjoyed with friends and family.

Sceptre Brewing Arts:

A fiercely independent Craft Brewery and Beer Garden serving fresh brewed beer and great food to in-town Atlanta and Decatur.

Six Bridges:

The story starts with a father-son dream of teaming up and owning and operating a craft beer brewery, determined to create world-class brews that everyone can enjoy. Both discovered their love for beer in Colorado and individually started their journeys learning the art and science of brewing beer. When “the time” came, both father and son threw caution to the wind, and committed to fulfilling “the dream”, an effort of love and passion. Each day starts with a challenge and ends with a reward. Here we are living the dream, the first craft brewery in Johns Creek, GA.

Slow Pour:

Slow Pour Brewing Company opened its doors in September of 2017. From the beautifully inviting tasting room and beer garden beckoning friends to sit and chat, to the family friendly atmosphere, Slow Pour Brewing is where people want to be. They come to enjoy delicious, innovative and original brews, laugh and play games, and make the most of every moment because that’s what counts. At Slow Pour they believe the moment matters, and that is the story we continue to tell and invite people into!

Social Fox:

Social Fox Brewing is committed to bringing to customers the quality beer they deserve. We seek to be the next symbol for the town of Norcross, to give back to the community, and most importantly, those working to provide the public with this vision. The culture of the company is based around perfecting the art and science of brewing quality World Class craft beer.


Born from a love for community and a love of killer beer, their 20-barrel brewery and taproom is located across from Suwanee Town Center Park. There’s a fire in all of us. At StillFire Brewing, they’ve found their fire. They are passionate about developing the world’s most innovative beer. About crafting new relationships and supporting the community. About building a brand synonymous with quality and loyalty. Guided by curiosity and excitement, they brew beers to spark the fire in their belly. To help you find your fire!

Tantrum Brewing:

Tantrum Brewing Company was founded on the uncompromising values of hard work, family and community. Tantrum Brewing Company is Georgia’s first designated agritourism brewery. The hops grown lovingly on site are used to make their specialty and limited release brews. Because they are passionate about each individual harvest, their promise is a memorable experience at the brewery with your friends and family.