Beer List 2020

Browse through the list below to find the beers that will be served at Suwanee Beer Fest. Beers may be added or removed up until the day of the event.

BreweryBeer List
21st AmendmentPeet's 1966
21st AmendmentSparkale -Sparkling Rose Ale
21st AmendmentBlood Orange IPA
6 BridgesBlueberry Sour Continuum
6 BridgesMedlock IPA
6 BridgesSilent Accord Coconut Milk Stout
6 BridgesShelby American Golden Ale
AbitaHop On
AbitaStrawberry Gator
AbitaPurple Haze
Ace CiderPineapple Cider
Ace CiderPear Cider
Ace CiderRose Cider
Against the Grain
AkademiaStaircase to Nowhere Hazy IPA
AkademiaShiver German Pilsner
AkademiaIQ IPA
AkademiaGalaxias Chocolate Porter
AkademiaBurn Everything Imperial Stout
AkademiaFishing for Compliments Wheat Ale
AllagashWhite- Belgian Wheat Beer
AllagashBarrel & Bean- Begium Triple
AllagashRiver Trip -Belgium Session Beer
AnderbyGet Off My Lawn IPA
AnderbyHeritage Irish Red Ale
Arches-Low-Viz HAzy IPA
Arches-Lloyd's Light Lager
Arches-Mystic Bock
Atlanta BrewingAquarium Alligator Pineapple IPA
Atlanta BrewingSoul of City Pale Ale
Atlanta BrewingHoplanta
Atlanta BrewingBaked Goods
Austin EastCidersBlood Orange Cider
Austin EastCidersOriginal Cider
Austin EastCidersPineapple Cider
Back FortyPaw Paw Peach
Back FortyTruck Stop Honey
Back FortyNaked Pig
Beacon BrewingJucifer Sour IPA
Beacon BrewingClem the Clown IPA
Beacon BrewingSweater Weather Saison
Blake'sLite Cider Mimosa
Blake'sTriple Jam
Blake'sBushel of Blake's
Blue Point BreweryToasted Lager
Blue Point BreweryShore Thing American Lager
Blue Point BreweryThe IPA
Bold Rock Hard CiderCarolina Apple Cider
Bold Rock Hard CiderWhite Cranberry Cider
Bold Rock Hard CiderHarvest Haze Cider
Bold Rock Hard CiderGinger Tumeric Cider
BreckenridgeVanilla Porter
BreckenridgeNitro Orange Chocolate
BreckenridgeNitro Irish Stout
Brooklyn BrewingRose De Ville Raspberry
Brooklyn BrewingLager
Brooklyn Brewing-Defender IPA
Burnt HickoryBig Shanty Graham Cracker Stout
Burnt HickoryGinger Dead Man- Gingerbread Winter Warm Ale
Burnt HickoryOld Wooden Head
Cayman JackMargartia
Cayman JackMojito
Cherry StreetHelen Yeah Golden Lager
Cherry StreetEl Cashmarado
Cherry StreetJuicy Suzy
Cherry StreetCoconut Porter
Cigar CityJai Alai IPA
Cigar CityFlorida Man DIPA
Cigar CityMargarita Gose
Clown ShoesMango American Kolsch
Creature ComfortsCommon Things 1/2 case
Creature Comforts-Tropacalia
Creature Comforts-Paradiso
Creature Comforts-Classic City Lager
Currahee BrewingLucky Hazy IPA
Currahee BrewingLucky Wild
Currahee BrewingFrankenstark
Currahee BrewingBlonde
D9Brewer's Day Off Cucumber Melon Gose
Dalton BrewingPineapple Seven Hazy IPA
Dalton BrewingHazelnut Coffee Porter
Dalton BrewingMango IPA
Devils BackboneHibiscus Hard Lemonade
Devils BackboneGold Leaf Lager
Devils BackboneBright Tangerine Sparkling Ale
Devils BackboneBright Pineapple Sparkling Ale
Dogfish HeadVibrant P'Ocean Sour
Dogfish HeadSlightly Mighty IPA
Dogfish Head60 MInute IPA
Dry County Brewing Co-(GA Brewery)Neon Totem Hurricane
Dry County Brewing Co-(GA Brewery)Irish Car Bomb Stout
Dry County Brewing Co-(GA Brewery)Low Key IPA
Dry County Brewing Co.Bone Music Imperial Stout
ElysianSpace Dust IPA
ElysianSplit Shot Espresso Milk Stout
ElysianContact Haze IPA
ElysianSalt & Seed Gose
Fannin CountyHiawasee Gold
Fannin County7 Hills
Fannin CountyBR Lager
FiremakerPerfect Match
FiremakerSpace Dragon IPA
FiremakerWay Down Yonder Leisure Lager
FiremakerLavendar Saison
FirewaterLife Changer IPA
FirewaterSargent Stout
Founder'sUnraveled IPA
Founder'sFrench Toast Bastard
Founder'sFrangelic Mountain Brown Ale
From the EarthPorch Song IPA
From the Earth3rd Eye
From the EarthMidnight Rider
From the EarthMoonlight Dance
Gate CityAwe Juice
Gate CityFreedom Fighter IPA
Georgia Beer Co.-Destress Express Stout
Georgia Beer Co.-Field Party Blonde
Georgia Beer Co.-Raspberry Blonde
Georgia Beer Co.-Southern Isles IPA
Glover ParkOff the Tracks IPA
Glover ParkTartan Scotch Ale
Goose IslandSo-Lo IPA
Goose IslandFoudre Red
Goose IslandMatilda Lambicus Belgian Pale Ale
Goose IslandIPA
Goose IslandNext Coast IPA
Goose IslandLost Palate New England IPA
Grayton Beer Company30A IPA
Grayton Beer Company30A Rose Gose Ale
Green ManIPA
Green ManTrickster IPA
Green ManVoid of Haze IPA
GuinnessGuinness Draught
GuinnessGuinness Blonde
GuinnessGuinness Extra Stout
GuinnessGuinness MIlk Stout
HardywoodBaltic Sunrise Porter
HeistBrunch Junkie Breakfast Stout
HeistMomentum Drift
HeistFlava in Your Ear
Hi-Wire BrewingHop Circus
Hi-Wire BrewingBed of Nails
Hi-Wire BrewingHi-Pitch
Hi-Wire BrewingSalted Maple Stout
Hi-Wire BrewingOrange Meringue Gose
Highland Brewing Co.AVL
Highland Brewing Co.Midnight Summit
Highland Brewing Co.Gaelic
Highland Brewing Co.Starchaser
Highland Brewing Co.Pilsner
Highland Brewing Co.Black Watch Milk Stout
Holy CityOver Friendly IPA
Holy CityWashout Wheat Hefewiesen
Holy CitySparkly Princess Sour
Hutton & Smith-Good Schist American Pale Ale
Hutton & Smith-Promenade IPA
Hutton & Smith-Basecamp Blonde Ale
Hutton & Smith-First Ascent Schwarzbier
IronmongerTo Legit to Wit
IronmongerThis One Goes to 11
IronmongerDouble Anvil IPA
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.Summer Shandy
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.Orange Shandy
Jeckyll BrewingHardly Water-Variety
Jeckyll BrewingErin Go-Bragh Irish Coffee Porter
Jeckyll BrewingHop Dang Diggity IPA
Jeckyll BrewingSouthern Juice IPA
Khonso BrewingI Feel Good IPA
Khonso BrewingPeachtree Ale
Khonso BrewingSweet Auburn IPA
LagunitasHazy Memory
LagunitasSuper Cluster
Lazy HikerSlack Pack
Lazy HikerGolden
Lazy HikerWesser
Left Nut Brewing CoPure Source IPA
Left Nut Brewing CoShadetail Nutty Pecan Ale
Left Nut Brewing CoBerry Delish-Us Rye Stout
Left Nut Brewing Co-Hooch Shootin' IPA
Line Creek BrewingMavereick Lager
Line Creek BrewingFirst Crush IPA
Line Creek BrewingNightwatcher Stout
Line Creek BrewingTotal Consciousness Its in the Hole
MaconAmerican Queen Wit Bier
MaconValor Lager
MaconOobopaloop Norwegian Pale Ale
Magner'sPear Cider
Miller Lite-dyedGreen Beer
Monday Night BrewingHan Brolo
Monday Night BrewingCurrant Events
Monday Night BrewingOvernight Celebrity Imperial Porter
Monday Night BrewingLay Low IPA
Monday Night Brewing-Space Lettuce DIPA
Monkey WrenchGalaxy Station Pale Ale
Monkey WrenchRight Turn Clyde Belgium Witbier
Monk's MeaderyButter Buzz Mead
Monk's MeaderyOriginal Monk's Mead
Moody TongueSteeped Emperor Lemon Saison
New BelgiumVoodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA
New BelgiumVoodoo Ranger Starship IPA
New BelgiumNitro Cold Brew Cream Ale
New BelgiumVoodoo Ranger 3 Hop Avenger IPA
New BelgiumFat Tire
New Belgium-La Folie
New RealmHoplandia IPA
New RealmHazy lIke an Ox
New RealmTart's Content Cranberry Berliner Weisse
New RealmRadegast Triple IPA
Noble CiderSpice Cider
Noble CiderVillage Cider
Noble CiderStandard Cider
NoFo Brew Co.Snow Ghost New England IPA
NoFo Brew Co.Griffland Vol. 2 Hazy Pale Ale
NoFo Brew Co.North Rim Rye
NoFo Brew Co.My Porter Boy
Oconee BrewingDuke and Bell Hey Man Blonde Ale
Oconee BrewingLion Lamm IPA
Oconee BrewingMean Machine Red Ale
Ology BrewingPrismatic Passion Tart Wheat Ale
OrpheusAll You Get Hazy Sour
OrpheusAtlanta Tart Plum Saison
OrpheusChoosers of the Slain Pilsner
OrpheusTransmigration of Sould DIPA
Oskar BluesSlow Chill Lager
Oskar BluesCan-O-Bliss Tropical IPA
Oskar BluesWild Basin Seltzer
Pontoon Brewing CompanyWake Zone IPA
Pontoon Brewing CompanyNew Wave Blonde Ale
Pontoon Brewing Company-Crush Waves Berlinerweiss
Pontoon Brewing Company-Flamingo Banana Hefeweisen
Prairie BrewingBasic Becky
Prairie BrewingPirate Bomb
Pretoria FieldsBrown Thrasher
Pretoria FieldsSkywater Golden Ale
Pretoria FieldsFlowing Well Gose
Red Hare Brewing CCoconut Coffee Porter
Red Hare Brewing CoSPF Lemon/Lime
Red Hare Brewing Co-Citra Dry Hopped Lager
Reformation BreweryNolan #007 Simcoe IPA
Reformation Brewery-Jogr Juicy Lager
Reformation Brewery-Oh Yeah Kewlade Kettle Sour
Reformation Brewery-Oren Pale Ale
RogueCoast Haste Imperial Hazy IPA
Sceptre Brewing ArtsSmile Grenade(double IPA)
Sceptre Brewing ArtsTransmetropolitan( sour)
Sceptre Brewing ArtsAusterkopf( Rauchbier)
Sceptre Brewing Arts-Culture Jamming(sour IPA)
Schoolhouse Brewing99 Problems West Coast IPA
Schoolhouse BrewingShut the Stout Up
Schoolhouse BrewingTijuana Vampire Margarita Sour
ScofflawBasement IPA
ScofflawDirty Beaches Tropical Wheat Ale
ScofflawF**K Cancer
ScofflawDouble Jeopardy DIPA
Second SelfA.T. Ale
Second SelfMai Tai
Second SelfGolden Blonde
Second SelfContender Rotating Hazy IPA
Service BrewingRally Point
Service BrewingBattlewagon
Service BrewingCompass Rose
Sierra NevadaWild Lil' Things Sour
Sierra Nevada40th Anniversary IPA
Sierra NevadaBarrel Aged Torpedo Extra IPA
Sierra NevadaBigfoot Barleywine
Slow PourNebula Gold IPA
Slow PourCroakies and Baoat Shoes
Slow PourDry Irish Stout
Slow Pour-Living is Easy
SmithwycksIrish Ale
SouthboundVic's Picks Vol One Juicy IPA
Southern BarrelDamn Yankees
Southern BarrelWIld Bramble Sour
Southern BarrelBeach Bully Pale Ale
Southern BarrelFrozen Barrel
Southern Brewing Co7am Kolsch
Southern Brewing CoFog Machine
Southern Brewing CoHobnail IPA
Southern Brewing CoRed and Black
Southern Brewing CoDevil's Hopyard DIPA
Southern Brewing CoCuchulainn Irish Ale
Southern Brewing Co.Slow Drip Imperial Stout
Southern Brewing Co.Muscadine Reserve Fruited Sour
Southern ProhibitionAltered Beast NE IPA
Southern ProhibitionCrowd Control Imperial IPA
Southern ProhibitionParadise Lost
Steady HandSweet Potato Farmhouse Ale
Steady HandCloudland IPA
Steady HandFuture Mind Porter
StillFireOrange DIva
StillFireGlory HAze
StillFireIrish Red
StillFireMosaic Smash
StillFireDouble Chocolate Imperial Porter
StoneStone IPA
StoneFear.Movie. Lioms
StoneDelicious IPA
StoneNeverending Haze
SweetwaterSweetwater IPA
SweetwaterGoin Coastal IPA
Sweetwater420 Stash Box
SweetwaterHydro Lime Selter
SweetwaterThrough the Brambles Sour
Tantrum BrewingInfinite Obscurity
Tantrum BrewingGypsy Queen
Tantrum BrewingFolklore
Tantrum BrewingPoems at MIdnight
TerrapinLuau Krunkles
TerrapinHigh & Hazy
TerrapinRichland Reserve
Terrapin-Los Bravos
Terrapin-Cinnamon WnB Oatmeal Stout
The Lost DruidBellenos Baltic Porter
The Lost DruidAlban Arthan Strong English Winteer Warmer Ale
The Lost DruidInfinite Voyage English IPA
The Lost DruidGlistening of the Dawn Oeaches and Cream Ale
Three TavernsNIght on Ponce IPA
Three TavernsUkiyo Rice Lager
Three TavernsSapporo Sour
TreehornAiring of Grievances
TreehornOriginal Cider
TreehornHoppy Little Trees
Trim TabMartin Denny Complex Imperial Sour
Trim TabSuspended Moments NE DIPA
Trim TabLanguage of Thunder Hazelnut Stout
Trim TabDripping Gold NE DIPA
Tucker BrewingTKR Pilsner
Tucker BrewingSouthern Heaven Hefeweizen
Tucker BrewingGeorgia Red Lager
Tucker BrewingMadarina Kolsch
Two PitchersNordic Jam
Two PitchersGrapefruit Radler
Two PitchersTropic Thunder
White ClawVariety
Wicked WeedPernicious
Wicked WeedAppalachia IPA
Wicked WeedCoastal Love
Wicked WeedCherry Lime Burst
Wicked Weed BrewingBarrel Aged Oh My Quad
Wild Heaven Craft BeersWise Blood IPA
Wild Heaven Craft BeersNitro Ode to Mercy
Wild Heaven Craft Beers-ATL Easy Ale
Wild LeapAlpha Abstraction
Wild LeapHarvest-Winter 2020
Wild LeapETA Transcontinental IPA
WiseacreAnanda IPA
WiseacrePrank Calls Satan Black IPA
WiseacreTiny Bomb Pilsner
Wrecking BarBreaking Bob Kolsch
Wrecking BarJimmy Dean Coffee Stout
Wrecking BarJuice Bar Pale Ale